The 3 Steps to Setting Up a Popular and Successful Blog

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There are many distinctive recipes or ways to accomplish a great website, however most pathways will have some fundamental ideas that will dependably continue as before. I am so certain you must have perused a large portion of it on numerous web journals (the frequently rehashed one — Original and well composed substance), which is truly an essential variable, not the main element. To keep it simple I have separated it to three basic steps to setting up a popular and successful blog. This post is made for essentially word press based web journals yet might be connected to different sites too.


Get Traffic and make your site Popular

In my 10+ years of blogging, I have understood that these three variables that make up the essential formula of any fruitful website is only 3 components as given underneath

  • Content ( Regularly Posted Content)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Outline (Look and structure of the web journal)

Exceptional Content is important chiefly to advance a customary group of onlookers that returns to your website more than once and likewise get your posts connected, prompting AUTO SEO for your site. A definitely bear in mind that Google additionally enjoys great substance aside from on occasion when their detestable pandas and penguins do stuff that they shouldn’t do. Individuals additionally bookmark great substance which make them comeback at some a piece of opportunity to your online journal.

SEO is required like each exceptional item that needs publicizing to get it perceived. Unless you see upgrade you blog, it’s impossible that you will be found on the inconceivable web where a large number of sites are vying consistently for each individual’s consideration. This is made simple by word press SEO plug-in that make the employment simple for you.

Outline is a thought that essentially needs no demonstration. In the event that you seen any makeover indicate on TV , you can get what I am attempting to say , you make something look great ( like a site – not a terrible chick) and individuals will return and it will additionally enlist on their brain. Configuration incorporates the colors of your online journal, structure of your site and likewise the by and large look of your website. When you recognize best sites have a light color (or white color) topic.

So now that you got a great thought of why these 3 steps necessity to be actualized on your web journal or site, I will demonstrate to you best practices to do it the easy way and the hard way.


Substance might be the hardest a piece of these three steps to get your site famous, simply since it’s the most time intensive of these 3 steps. To make this part less demanding it’s generally prescribed to have an online journal theme or corner that you are enthusiastic about and like to expound on. I have never SEO inquired about my themes to post before blogging and regardless I get conventional movement for my corner, on the grounds that the substance is great. Get windows live scholar for blogging and recovery content that investment you in your specialty on windows live journalist and complete and post it when you get time. One approach to keep the standard stream of your blog entries set is to anyhow compose four articles for your website and keep primed to post (which deals with no less than 4 posts for a month) and afterward in the middle of when you get time and discover articles that investment you and you need to blog about simply add them as reward presents on your site amidst your this 4 posts. YOU can differ these amounts of presents on whatever your preferences may be depending how every now and again you need to overhaul your web journal. This was the hard way, some simple not as compelling Ways are given beneath for the individuals who are dependably short on time or are simply low maintenance bloggers like me.

The easy approach to get content for your web journal

Get content for you blog from other individuals, this could be carried out in two ways PAID and Free

FREE substance – The easy Way to get free substance is to get individuals to do visitor posts for your web journal on you blog corner point (to keep it important). This gets to be less demanding the when your site has got a higher Google rank as individuals will need to sustain of your high Google standing.

These days you will likewise get numerous paid offers from SEO organizations ( with gave substance and connection ) to post on your web journal for a charge, which is occurring much all the more after the GOOGLE PANDA & PENGUIN redesign. These kind of offers are great on the grounds that they substance gave is free and you get paid also.

Hard way and Paid approach to get content for your site

PAID for CONTENT, for site – This system includes a bit of work, for the most part experimentation until you get the correct individual, with the utilization of substance composing administrations that might be offered for an expense to you on independent destinations. You can get an article composed for as low as $5 an article, additionally discovering an individual who can keep in touch with it for $5 without syntactic mistakes and exceptional substance is a spot of a hit and miss until you find that right individual. I myself do article composing, so I know the time it can take to compose a well composed article, so when somebody can do that for $5 and think of great well composed substance then its shoddy.