Careful with Guest Blogging for SEO Purposes Only

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Assuming that you are doing guest blogging exclusively to gain joins, particularly with improved stay writings, with the objective of enhancing your SEO and the hunt rankings of your pages, well, stop!

It’s has been reputed for some time that Google was beginning to scowl upon those practices, yet now its affirmed, straight from the stallion’s mouth.


Here’s a citation from a post Matt Cutts composed this week, titled the rot and fall of guest blogging for SEO:

Alright, I’m calling it: when you’re utilizing visitor blogging as an approach to addition connects in 2014, you may as well likely stop. Why? Since after some time it’s turned into a more spammed practice, and when you’re doing a ton of visitor blogging then you’re hanging out with truly awful organization.

Back in the day, visitor blogging used to be a respectable thing, much like getting a desired, regarded writer to compose the presentation of your book. It’s not that way anymore.

I wouldn’t be astonished to see a few locales really getting punished for this sort of visitor blogging later on.

The post is long and has a few motion pictures too, so look at it.

That all being said, true blue visitor blogging where the fundamental objective is to spread the expression about your website or item and to achieve another gathering of people is set to be fine as per Matt. This is what he composed:

There are still a lot of people exceptional motivations to do some visitor blogging (presentation, marking, expanded achieve, neighborhood, and so forth.). Those explanations existed path before Google and they’ll proceed into what’s to come. What’s more there are completely some fabulous, astounding visitor bloggers out there.