How to Get a Custom URL for Your Facebook Page in Five Easy Steps

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Does your Face book page’s URL look something like this?

As a matter of course, your Face book page’s URL is made up of your page’s name in addition to a long number. When you need to put the URL on your business card, or spell it out via telephone, this is clearly not perfect.

The exceptional news is that you can make a custom URL (here and there called a “vanity URL”) with a username and no number, for example this:

Previously, you required 25 preferences to do this, however you can now do this at whatever time – actually when you’re setting up your page.

It just takes a few minutes to secure your custom URL, so do it today if whatsoever conceivable: the more drawn out you postpone, the higher the risk that somebody will take the username that you need!

1. Login to Face book and head off to your page. (You can discover it in the left-hand segment of your Face book home page, under Pages.)

2. At the highest point of your admin board, click “Edit page” and select “Update Page Info”, as demonstrated in the screenshot beneath:


You’ll then see this at the highest point of the Page Info tab:


3. Under “Page Address”, click the “Enter a Face book web location” join, then click the new connection that shows up – “Create a web address for this Page?”

4. Your page ought to be immediately chosen starting from the drop menu. Enter the username you need and click “Check accessibility”. You’ll have to determine your username fits Face book’s guidelines.


5. Determine you’re content with your username (and twofold check the spelling) before affirming it. When you’re certain you’re blissful, click “Confirm”.


What’s more that is it! You may as well see this affirmation message:


Your old URL will redirect to the new one, so you don’t have to stress over overhauling your past connections.

Have you had a custom Face book page URL for a long time, or did this post brief you to get yours? Tell us in the remarks.