About Us

Blogger Book

Welcome to Blogger Book! You can have a pretty good clue about what you can find here by just looking at the name, but here is a more detailed description.

We publish posts almost every day, with advice on each aspect of blogging, including technical tips, strategies and writing advice. We aim to make blogging fun rather than an irksome task.

We focus on the ‘pro’ side of blogging, i.e. the side concerned with making money or establishing a blog for your business. We have posts for you whether you are just starting to blog or already an expert. We aim to strike a balance between advanced tips and beginner-friendly content.

We not only give advice on blogging, but also on search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is an important tool to make more money off of your blog, but only if it is done right. Even experts need a little help on it sometimes. We have content that will appeal to novices and professionals alike, so that they can make their blog search engine friendly and increase their blog’s traffic and profits.

Social media is also very important to promote your blog. With the right social media marketing, you can take your blog from scratch to the top of the ladder. We provide valuable information on using your social networks to your advantage. We also give advice on things you should and should not do.

The main purpose of starting Blogger Book is to help others in their blogging endeavors so that they, too, can profit from it. The blogging tips provided here will help you take your blog to the next level. The guides and tips will also help increase your blog’s traffic and convert this traffic into profits. We also provide helpful advice on optimizing your blog for search engines and marketing it on social media so that you can make the best from it.

Blogger Book was created specifically for you, the readers! It serves as a platform where writers, bloggers and readers can interact with each other and get advice about running their own blog. The focus of Blogger Book is to be a great source for everything related to blogging. We compile a great team of writers from around the globe so that they can share their perspectives and experiences with you in order to help you take your blogging skills to the next level.